Executive Assessment

Extensive research over the last twenty five years shows that the use of well-validated assessments can substantially lower the risk of hiring the wrong person.

Many executives are good interviewers, often give a good first impression and have a strong resume, yet there are many unknowns. The assessments provide a deeper look at the candidate from several perspectives. Interview questions based on the data are provided to help our clients dig deeper.

In recent years, a growing trend has entered the marketplace, where “in house” assessment solutions are used to validate candidates in a way that can be biased towards certain candidates. Caldwell uses a third-party, independent firm to avoid this conflict of interest.

The assessments measure Fit, Culture, Risk, and Capacity

  • Fit: The optimal fit for the position in question
  • Culture: The cultural match between the individual’s values and drives and the company culture
  • Risk: The risk of negative behavior that manifests itself after hiring, behavior that will negatively impact the bottom line
  • Capacity: Intellectual capacity to reason through complex business scenarios

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