Soft-market cycle dynamics have put growing pressure on insurance companies to increase profitability while keeping a handle on their enterprise risk.

Whether they stake their claim on price, service, or ease of doing business, companies across the spectrum are struggling with how to compete without sacrificing profitability. In such a competitive environment, having the right talent in place is of crucial importance.

Our Insurance Practice is a highly specialized team of partners wholly focused on serving firms in the global insurance market and related financial services sectors, at the very highest levels of management and across all relevant functional disciplines. As a result, we have a genuine appreciation for the issues that clients face in attracting and retaining the staff necessary to build their business.

We strive to build high-touch, high-quality strategic partnerships by servicing a limited number of clients and concentrating on building and maintaining those client relationships.

Our practice has global reach, and our team has deep access to the universe of insurance talent, as we have unmatched years of service focusing on the insurance-recruiting marketplace. Without the blockage issues that many of the larger firms face, we are able to be much more nimble in our approach.

Above all else, our team has a shared philosophy of serving clients beyond their expectations. Our partners have been working together for years, a benefit that brings with it seamless communication and an effective teaming approach on every client engagement.

We pride ourselves on our accessibility, our follow-up, and the transparency with which we conduct our process. Our focus is entirely on high-touch, disciplined execution—not on making the next sale.

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