Succession Planning

Leading the Way to New Corporate Leadership

As one of the oldest and most trusted international search firms, and one of the Top 10 executive search firms in the world, Caldwell is well-qualified to help you find your next corporate leaders. During our nearly 50 years in the field of executive search, we’ve built an outstanding reputation for transformational searches covering boards, chief and senior executives and selected functional experts.

We’ve remained leaders and innovators in search by making a significant investment in original research for each assignment we undertake. Our systematic and thorough approach helps us develop a customized list of candidates from the vast resources we’ve built over the decades. Some of these will be well-known candidates we’ve worked with in the past. Others will be discovered by building a current list that includes emerging leaders often overlooked by competitive search firms.

We’ll Search the Globe for Your Next Leader

Our large footprint includes offices throughout Canada and the United States, as well as a significant presence in Latin America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. This makes us uniquely positioned to offer you the substantial resources, vertical market expertise, and market presence of an international firm.

Even as we’ve grown, however, we’ve been careful to remain true to the boutique-style service that earned us our initial success. Rest assured, your assignment will be partner-led and tailored to your company’s specific needs. With your guidance, we’ll use our expert knowledge, experience, training, and proven process to identify, attract and assess the best and brightest leadership candidates from a field that spans the globe.

Our Proven Process Begins with You.

One of the first steps we’ll use to help you plan your next corporate leaders will be guiding you in envisioning and articulating the exact skills and qualities you will require. Once we define your ideal candidate, we’ll put our industry expertise and considerable resources to work turning up prospective matches from a wide-open hunting ground. This is where the respect we’ve earned in our industry truly pays off, with most high-level executives taking our calls directly.

At the same time, we never forget that we represent your company. We make sure your organization and your offer are well-represented throughout every stage of the process. We’re proud to report that our Net Promoter Score (NPS), a customer loyalty system adopted by most Fortune 1000 companies, ranks us among some of the most respected brands in the world.

Our Past Success Ensures Your Future.

Our dedicated team, tailored approach, breadth of services, and proprietary processes have led renowned companies from around the world to the next generation of successful leadership. If you’re looking for an objective and experienced search firm to provide professional succession guidance for your company, Caldwell offers you all the right credentials.

Contact a Caldwell succession team leader to learn how our expertly crafted services can effectively bridge the gap to your company’s most promising future.

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