Grow a CXO

Caldwell’s Agile Talent Solutions brings experience, innovation and diversity of thought to your organization for specific, short-term needs. But when you are faced with a key full-time executive (CXO) talent gap through growth or attrition, you must hire someone through internal recruitment or the use of an executive search firm.

Caldwell brings you new alternatives to fill your full-time executive need:

  • Hire experienced
  • Hire and develop
  • Grow from within

If you choose to hire your CXO, our executive search services are your answer. We are unsurpassed in our ability to find the absolute best talent in the marketplace. If you choose to develop and grow your CXO, our Agile Talent Solutions or a combination of our executive search and Agile Talent Solutions is your alternative answer.

We often hear from clients that they have a high-potential internal candidate they would like to promote. Someone with all of the intelligence, ability and cultural fit needed, but without quite enough relative experience through lack of tenure or exposure to other business environments. This is where agile talent can help through:

  • Coaching and mentorship
  • Translating real world experiences
  • Teaching best practices
  • Serving as a safety net for counsel on unforeseen situations
  • Providing a lower cost solution

You can also combine both paths of hiring and growing through intentionally hiring a “step-up” candidate – someone with all the talents and skills, but not the depth of situational experience. Pair this less experienced hire with one or several executive advisors to develop your hire in a reduced-risk environment. This approach can be especially effective when looking to attract diversity to your organization. The ability to relax the role requirements slightly can open up the candidate pool dramatically—resulting in a more diverse slate and added viewpoints.

Once your promoted employee or step-up hire has benefitted from the guidance and experience of our advisors you can feather-out the services in a flexible staged manner to mirror the growth of the role.

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