Blockchain Advisory

Ever since Satoshi Nakomoto released his/her/their bitcoin whitepaper in 2008, the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency has grown at a staggering rate.

From Wall Street to Silicon Valley, industry leaders across sectors and verticals are now tuning in to the true potential of blockchain technology and how it can transform our digital world.

Beyond the hype of the cryptocurrency market, though, there is real enterprise application for blockchain technology to enable the strategic reorganization of workflows and related structures within a company.   

Undertaking due diligence and education prior to building or allocating internal resources to a blockchain-focused team, however, will save you money and set you up for success with this burgeoning technological architecture.

Determining the use case for your unique organization is an important part of the process – investigation and education will help establish a plan that creates real business value.

Caldwell’s blockchain advisory board strategy allows companies to cost effectively obtain the level of insight, education and expertise required to make informed and economically sound decisions about how to integrate blockchain technologies within their firm. We have established relationships with seasoned individuals in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, qualified to be strategic blockchain advisers to almost any company.


A blockchain advisory board will:

  • Educate your organization
  • Deep dive: Blockchain 101
  • Run Design Sprints
  • Help develop cutting-edge strategies and roadmaps

Educate your board and C-level executives

  • Share current and future trends, along with proven industry best practices and metrics for success.
  • Give industry-specific use cases and analysis of economic opportunity
  • Give them the confidence they are ahead of the curve
  • Source key hires for Blockchain projects

Blockchain Advisory Board:

We have partnered with blockchain consulting firm, BTblock, to lead the development and launch of the Blockchain Advisory solution.


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