Agile Talent Solutions

Agile Talent Solutions

We believe in next-generation solutions to solve complex human capital challenges in a rapidly-changing world.

Every company has emerging areas of opportunity – today it could be in diversity and inclusion, privacy, cyber security or even opportunities with regard to value creation, and tomorrow’s challenges are as yet unknown. Businesses in every area of the economy are rethinking how best to use talent and leverage it in different ways. Caldwell is on the forefront of this changing dynamic.

When you have a specific business need that cannot be addressed fully with a permanent hire, Caldwell recommends that clients follow an executive advisory approach instead. By enlisting demonstrated experts in a strategic advisory capacity, rather than as fixed executive staff members, smart companies are reaping the rewards of the industry’s most respected and sought-after thought leaders in a more flexible and cost-effective way.

These proven operators can be called on in a rotating fashion to help companies develop sound strategy, mentor up-and-coming corporate leaders, educate current leaders and C-suite execs, and even construct valuable metrics for tracking progress and measuring success. This lean and flexible deployment of expertise is referred to as agile talent.

What sets Caldwell apart and makes us the leader in executive-level agile talent solutions is our unsurpassed access to deeply vetted, proven executives. Unlike many competitors, we do not rely solely on algorithms, big data or artificial intelligence sitting atop a yellow pages directory of 200 million employees. While we employ the latest technologies in our process, we also leverage RI—real intelligence—the collective knowledge and skills of our consultants that built and constantly replenishes our unsurpassed network of executives. We marry this with the same highly targeted deep research and personal sourcing that we employ in all our executive search services. We realize that simply because an executive has certain keywords in their profile or worked at a relevant company in the past does not make them a default fit. We provide a highly personal process for your bespoke business need that also incorporates your company culture and the surrounding team with whom your advisor will be interacting.

A More Efficient Way to Acquire the Talent You Need

Our established network of advisory experts includes industry thought leaders with proven track records in a wide range of areas. These are highly credentialed professionals we’ve worked with over the years as clients, candidates and sources. As a result, we understand their strengths and experience.

These advisors have agreed to pass along their own particular talents and knowledge with Caldwell clients. Their guidance may involve a singular challenge such as commercializing a new product, broader initiatives like vetting, defining and implementing your digital strategies, or issues that extend beyond your company to include your customers, such as matters of privacy and cyber security and making the business connection of diversity and inclusion.

Expect the valuable advice you receive to go well beyond a simple recommendation or a particular course of action. You’ll gain well-honed insight and proven tactics from established industry veterans—experts who’ve earned their credentials working in the trenches, so they know what it takes to execute a plan and follow it through to successful completion. Whether your goal is short-term, long-term or somewhere in-between, our experienced advisors will remain invested in your company for as long it takes to reach your objectives.

Expertise that Evolves with Your Needs

Caldwell’s network of advisors are available for assignments of all types and sizes. Some assignments may require no more than one or two phone calls. More challenging, company-wide initiatives could entail weekly calls or meetings over an extended period of time.

We’ll set things in motion by diagnosing your needs, and then matching you with advisors who possess the issue-specific knowledge, skills and experience you require. As your initiative progresses, we will continue to support your advisory relationship on an ongoing basis.

In fact, a distinct advantage of an executive advisory approach is that your advisory council can evolve over the course of the project. As you successfully complete one step and move on to the next, we can rotate advisors to provide the exact skills required at precisely the time they’re needed.

With Caldwell’s Executive Advisory Solutions, your organization gains access to the expertise of a full range of industry thought leaders for less than what you might pay for one, equally talented individual employed full-time on your staff.

Below, are some of the ways Caldwell Executive Advisory Solutions can help a company succeed at an unprecedented pace:

  • Mentoring executive leadership teams
  • Educating board and C-suite executives
  • Refining business strategy
  • Developing a road map to your goals
  • Establishing and defining metrics
  • Identifying outside sources
  • Incorporating best practices
  • Vetting investment requirements
  • Providing a higher level of accountability and transparency

When Does It Make Sense to Enlist Executive Advisors?

If your company has a set of one-time or short-term needs for expertise in particular areas, it’s typically more cost-efficient to take an executive advisory approach. By paying only for the time required, you gain a higher level of expertise at far less expense. This is especially true in high-demand functional areas such as cyber security or diversity and inclusion.

Our subscription model allows you to engage an initial individual advisor or council of advisors, while offering you the flexibility to rotate advisors throughout your initiative. Professional fees charged by Caldwell include an initial retainer for the establishment of your advisory council, and a monthly subscription fee thereafter to cover the cost of the advisors and our continuing to work closely with your company and advisors to ensure the most successful outcome through to completion. Advisors are directly contracted and compensated by Caldwell.

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