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A truly hands in and personalized recruiting experience. I was well briefed through the entire process and there were no gaps in communication. The feedback was honest about next steps and what the expectations were from me, the client and Caldwell. The prep was excellent as well in terms of putting all information in front of me from company data to each interviewees bio and personalities to help me maximize each conversation. The leadership team at Caldwell that supported me were truly exceptional. All of this led to a successful offer, which is the ultimate test in the entire process. Couldn’t be happier with the Caldwell experience.

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I think Mike is the best in the business.

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“John is one of the top recruiters in the US… The profiles he provided by using a third party to assess the candidates was absolutely mind blowing. When we needed to make decisions about the final candidates, we had such thorough understandings of the candidates prior to interviewing them which was extremely helpful. I’d never seen anything like it… the assessment profile further serves the organization to understand how to motivate and improve the performance of the recruit.”

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“John is the most creative and successful senior recruiter with whom I have worked. John has recruited numerous CEOs, technology heads, and board members into our network. He has a personal passion for leadership… John is thoughtful about the requirements for the success of executives in any setting.”

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It was an amazing experience. Geoff was such a pleasure to work with, made me feel very comfortable from the beginning, and was super open, honest, knowledgeable and professional, as well as extremely communicative with ongoing updates. He also set me up well with additional info and tips in advance of each meeting. It felt like a true partnership all around! Kelly was also a pleasure to work with and very warm and professional. Both Kelly and Geoff were extremely knowledgeable about the Weston business, culture, and team members as well, and were able to link my skills with what Weston needed in the role! I also appreciated Geoff and Lauren being the go-to to set up the interviews and Geoffs involvement in the offer itself It was an outstanding experience and I highly recommend Caldwell to anyone in the future!

-Candidate View Geoff Keating Bio

Rarely have I worked with a team as customer focused and competent as John and Bethany. They took the time to really understand my needs and always had my interest at heart. I would jump at the chance to recommend them and I do. Can't wait to work with them again. What an amazing team

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Mark Dillard was extremely responsive 24/7 and a pleasure to work with! one of the best!

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Les and Tisha were exceptional leaders in the search process. They kept communication going strong and were both encouraging and also challenging to me through the process. They were results oriented and committed on getting the right fit for the client and the candidate.

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Excellent communication and engagement throughout. Clear, helpful, available and commercially switched on - Alex and Paul have re-defined my experience of working with search firms and I would strongly recommend them to both in-house HR / recruiters and friends seeking new opportunities.

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Nobody more experienced than Matt. He gets the role, what's important to candidates and understands the market

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Mercedes is an awesome exec search firm partner. Very reasonable, results oriented and personally hands on. Joy to work with her.

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Working with Mike and Eric was a positive and wonderful experience. They listened to our needs and wants in the new CFO role. However, what I thought most helpful was they didn't just listen...they executed on those needs. They were diligent to ensure what we asked for in a candidate was what we received. They also were diligent to have regular conversations around those needs to ensure those needs had not changed.

Chief Operating Officer, award-winning litigation law firm View Michael DeCosta Bio

Tenacious, understands needs and brings broad market perspective.

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