At Caldwell, we value long-lasting relationships with our customers. Listen to what our customers had to say about us!

Shawn and the Caldwell team are genuine people. I value his opinion and appreciate his feedback not only in the searches that I have been involved with Shawn but also general opportunities in the market. Shawn and Erik are very candid which I really appreciate when being part of a search process. I would not hesitate to work with Shawn, Erik and the Caldwell Partners team again.

Michael Stoeckert, Chief Information Officer, Precision Medicine Group View Erik Blumberg Bio View Shawn Banerji Bio

The team knew exactly what to look for and didn't give up until we got there. Along the way everybody was focused and responsive.

Nick Scarsella, President & CEO, Crestview Aerospace View Dave Winston Bio View Karen Dubay Bio View Tim Bostick Bio

Highly attentive, professional and communicative. You can tell that they are a true business partner to their clients.

Thomas Jankovich, Vice President Banking & Capital Markets View Jeff Freeborough Bio View Rodes Cole Bio

Rodes was a great partner and trusted advisor throughout the process. He has a great energy about him and is an outstanding communicator.

Kim Rudeen, Vice President, Product Development & Product Management, Aflac View Rodes Cole Bio

Our brand and process are extraordinarily important to us and how we partner with agencies and how they carry our brand is something that we take seriously. Jeff, Adam, John, Emily, and the rest of the team have been true partners and have carried our voice and brand through all the work that they have done. I have been very happy with the effort and work that the Caldwell team has put forward and the valued relationship that we have built.

Director, Talent Acquisition – Canada, Canadian software and services company View Adam Cotterall Bio View Jeff Freeborough Bio View John Heilhecker Bio

Working with Carlos and Georgia was a pleasure. Excellent partnership and process. Search moved with speed and candidates presented were high quality and strong potential fit for the role. Would highly recommend.

Vice President of Talent Acquisition, Executive Recruitment, international financial services company View Carlos Cata Bio View Georgia Waddle Bio

All members I spoke with at Caldwell were extremely professional. Special mention to Jeff Freeborough who was extremely thorough and helpful throughout this entire experience. This is the one and only time I have ever dealt with a company like Caldwell....life events like a change in career can be very unnerving but the Caldwell team and Jeff made it a very smooth and comforting experience.

Vice President, Alterna Savings  View Jeff Freeborough Bio

Jeremy was an incredible resource and guide throughout the process. He was instrumental in me coming onboard and provided clarity, support and honesty every step of the way. I very much look forward to working with Jeremy again in the future.

Rexanna McCubbin, Senior Director, Marketing View Jeremy Zeman Bio

Jane and Kat really made the experience personal. They were engaged with how the job would be a fit for my family. Jane and Kat also answered questions promptly. Rating them a 10 for this process is definitely not high enough. They did a fantastic job to see me through to the offer.

Monte Stokes, Anacostia Rail Holdings View Jane Pomar Bio

I think Mike is the best in the business.

View Michael DeCosta Bio

Unparalleled customer care, professionalism and people placement - for culture and competency. What more can you ask? Heather Ring is among the best in the biz, with strategy and smile barely showing a bead of sweat.

CEO, Greater Toronto region not-for-profit organization View Heather Ring Bio

We've had a long-standing relationship with Kristin Hebert, and she understands both our business needs and personality needs. She's the perfect "matchmaker" for finding the right person to fill roles.

Kim Gray, Global Chief Privacy Officer View Kristin Hebert Bio

Wendy was a pleasure to work with and kept me updated throughout the process. She did an excellent job negotiating my offer and was able to have my position re-leveled (which was necessary for me to accept the position). Wendy was excellent!

Executive Director, Privacy, U.S.-based investment firm consulting group View Wendy Flynn Bio

In addition to professionalism, knowledge and transparency, I would say Liz and Scott's follow-through at every step of the process was invaluable (and rare).

Co-Head of Investor Relations, Echo Capital Management View Elizabeth Bernich Bio View Scott Bilby Bio

John is one of the top recruiters in the US… The profiles he provided by using a third party to assess the candidates was absolutely mind blowing. When we needed to make decisions about the final candidates, we had such thorough understandings of the candidates prior to interviewing them which was extremely helpful. I’d never seen anything like it… the assessment profile further serves the organization to understand how to motivate and improve the performance of the recruit.

Client View John Strackhouse Bio

Working with Mike and Eric was a positive and wonderful experience. They listened to our needs and wants in the new CFO role. However, what I thought most helpful was they didn't just listen...they executed on those needs. They were diligent to ensure what we asked for in a candidate was what we received. They also were diligent to have regular conversations around those needs to ensure those needs had not changed.

Chief Operating Officer, award-winning litigation law firm View Michael DeCosta Bio

The energy, attention and professionalism shown throughout was absolutely wonderful. In addition Kelly took additional time with me to help ensure this was the right move and fit…I truly valued that!

Senior Vice President, Canadian insurance company View Kristyn Wallace Bio View Kelly Blair Bio

We have undertaken more than 10 searches through Caldwell and each has concluded with an exceptional candidate placed each time.

Steve Sousa, Valard Construction View Drew Railton Bio View Les Gombik Bio

Excellent communications; prompt response to inquiries; superb guidance and coaching throughout the end to end process. Consummate professionals and very amiable people (Shawn, Mark Dillard, Janet Christensen to name a few).

Burton Hill, SVP, Shared Services View Mark Dillard Bio View Shawn Banerji Bio

Great personable experience with John and Jim. Jim kept me apprised of the process, was easy to work with and had great energy. Made me feel great about my decision to move forward.

Regina Acheampong, Senior Director, Strategy & Operations, Wonderschool View John Heilhecker Bio View Jim Bethmann Bio

Kristin was amazing. Total pro. Knows the market, knows the game, knows the strategy. 1,000% satisfied and will recommend you all going forward to all my colleagues.

Director, Corporate Counsel, International IT management company View Kristin Hebert Bio

Excellent communication and engagement throughout. Clear, helpful, available and commercially switched on - Alex and Paul have re-defined my experience of working with search firms and I would strongly recommend them to both in-house HR / recruiters and friends seeking new opportunities.

Candidate, Global alternative investment management firm View Alex Alcott Bio View Paul Heller Bio

Mike and Rodes were perfect partners for us. The candidates that they put forth were quality individuals and Mike and Rodes were able to help us determine the best for our firm. They were always available when we needed and it was appreciated that we met every week for updates.

Cathy Benton, Chief Human Resources Officer View Michael DeCosta Bio View Rodes Cole Bio

The team really ensured to take into account that they were finding a good fit for both the company they were representing but the candidates as well. I felt that I was updated timely through the process on the steps and how the progress was going. I felt that Caldwell was being thorough in their process to ensure a fit. They were not just looking for a hiring to get the job done, but making sure it would be long term partnership.

Brooke Hanson, VP, Operations View Adam Cotterall Bio

It was an amazing experience. Geoff was such a pleasure to work with, made me feel very comfortable from the beginning, and was super open, honest, knowledgeable and professional, as well as extremely communicative with ongoing updates. He also set me up well with additional info and tips in advance of each meeting. It felt like a true partnership all around! Kelly was also a pleasure to work with and very warm and professional. Both Kelly and Geoff were extremely knowledgeable about the Weston business, culture, and team members as well, and were able to link my skills with what Weston needed in the role! I also appreciated Geoff and Lauren being the go-to to set up the interviews and Geoffs involvement in the offer itself It was an outstanding experience and I highly recommend Caldwell to anyone in the future!

Candidate View Geoff Keating Bio

Kelly and Geoff understood what we wanted. They explained to us the process, looked to us for feedback on what we needed and wanted and presented some great candidates. They were always there to support us in with our questions and were able to deliver a high caliber of candidates. We described this search to them as a unicorn and they were able to deliver higher than our expectations. Thank you team you guys did amazing!

Navjot Parmar, Choice Properties REIT View Geoff Keating Bio View Kelly Blair Bio

A truly hands in and personalized recruiting experience. I was well briefed through the entire process and there were no gaps in communication. The feedback was honest about next steps and what the expectations were from me, the client and Caldwell. The prep was excellent as well in terms of putting all information in front of me from company data to each interviewees bio and personalities to help me maximize each conversation. The leadership team at Caldwell that supported me were truly exceptional. All of this led to a successful offer, which is the ultimate test in the entire process. Couldn’t be happier with the Caldwell experience.

Candidate View Jay Millen Bio View Carlos Cata Bio

Mike DeCosta is the best. He knows the market, the firms and which candidates would meet our needs.

Mike DeLargy, Chief Operating Officer, Wiggin and Dana View Michael DeCosta Bio

The professionalism shown by the recruiters was amazing. I would recommend Caldwell to both the hiring companies and the candidates. I had a very pleasant experience throughout the whole process.

Vice President, Operations, apparel & lifestyle e-commerce company View Jane Pomar Bio View Jay Millen Bio View Brandon Stevens Bio

Kenny Baillie did his usual excellent job of research, communication along the process, follow up, and closure. The candidate list was tailored to our needs and the caliber of candidates was good which ( while it was a tough choice) made us comfortable to move ahead. In addition with the current macro market challenges, Kenny and Caldwell worked with us to extend the search period to align with our business needs. Overall we are very satisfied.

Akshay Sagar, President View Kenneth Baillie Bio

Having worked with several search firms in my career, I can say that Caldwell is by far the best! Shawn, Erik and Lisa are the team you want by your side for all such opportunities!

Vinesh Kolpe, VP, Information Technology, Lumeris View Erik Blumberg Bio View Shawn Banerji Bio

I think Jeremy Zeman is excellent and can do great work. I think Caldwell does a great job of putting the client first, hustling hard for results, having some great tools to ensure fit and being a pleasure to work with.

Tom Jasper, Thrivent Financial View Jeremy Zeman Bio

Professionalism, superb candidate experience, great reputation. Have known Kelly Blair for years, she is open, forthright and keeps the process moving quickly.

Placed Candidate, Canadian insurance company View Kelly Blair Bio

Mark Dillard was extremely responsive 24/7 and a pleasure to work with! one of the best!

Candidate View Mark Dillard Bio

Rarely have I worked with a team as customer focused and competent as John and Bethany. They took the time to really understand my needs and always had my interest at heart. I would jump at the chance to recommend them and I do. Can't wait to work with them again. What an amazing team

View John Strackhouse Bio View Bethany George Bio

Adam Cotterall is considered to be a true partner with BCAA when we recruit our senior leaders. He understands our purpose, mission and beliefs and he knows exactly what we're looking for in terms of cultural fit for a successful candidate experience. He also takes the time that's necessary to do things right, and there's never a shortcut. We know that we're in good hands with Adam and his team and we trust his judgment and his guidance when it comes to the whole recruiting process, from benchmarking candidates to the final step of making an offer. We believe that our BCAA senior leadership team is truly the best in BC, and much of that credit goes to Adam Cotterall and Caldwell Partners.

Dawn Demery, SVP & Chief People Officer, BCAA View Adam Cotterall Bio

Les and Meghan are fantastic to work with. Very responsive, great network and an all-around blessing to work with!

Mike Stahl, Director - Operations Finance View Les Gombik Bio View Meghan Harrelson Bio

Jeremy is easy to work with and stays engaged throughout the process. Many of your competitors hand the searches off the lower level associates at the firm while they are out doing business development. I understand the search business and that BD is part of that, but we usually retain firms based on who we are dealing with. The way Jeremy approaches the search gives you a competitive advantage for sure.

Head of Executive Search, North American bank View Jeremy Zeman Bio

Les is always well versed on what the client is seeking and very candid on what the role entails. I never feel I'm being sold a bill of goods.

Ferio Pugliese, Senior Vice President, People and Culture View Les Gombik Bio

Tenacious, understands needs and brings broad market perspective.

View Glenn Buggy Bio

Shawn, Erik and team were outstanding. They immediately worked to understand our organization and what we were looking for in this role. Shawn provided excellent external marketplace insight. They understood that speed in process was essential. Highly qualified candidates were presented very quickly. Diversity in candidate slate was a priority and was delivered. The service throughout the entire search was highly responsive, detailed and accurate. Overall, the process was first rate.

Vice President of Talent, National voluntary health organization View Erik Blumberg Bio View Shawn Banerji Bio

John is the most creative and successful senior recruiter with whom I have worked. John has recruited numerous CEOs, technology heads, and board members into our network. He has a personal passion for leadership… John is thoughtful about the requirements for the success of executives in any setting.

Client View John Strackhouse Bio

Jeff Freeborough was awesome from start till end. I would strongly consider working with Jeff again for future talent acquisitions.

Chief Executive Officer, Redline Communications View Jeff Freeborough Bio

My experience with Adam and his team was incredible. Adam was courteous, professional and authentic in his engagement. Truly appreciated what Adam has done for me. During the process I found a great partner and a true friend. Some relationships lasts beyond the intended engagement and this sure is one of them.

Mebz Esmail, Vice President, Information Technology View Adam Cotterall Bio

Les and Tisha were exceptional leaders in the search process. They kept communication going strong and were both encouraging and also challenging to me through the process. They were results oriented and committed on getting the right fit for the client and the candidate.

Candidate View Les Gombik Bio View Tisha MacEacheron Bio

My experience with Caldwell was fantastic. Jeff and Geoff were very clear about the process, the interview preparation and follow ups. I felt extremely engaged and that certainly contributed to the successful outcome. A real pleasure working with this firm.

Vice President, Beutel Goodman & Company Ltd. View Jeff Freeborough Bio View Geoff Keating Bio

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