Critical Intelligence

Critical intelligence is the foundation on which successful competitive strategies are built, providing fundamental market insights and competitive information to allow our clients to create sustainable competitive advantage in their businesses.

Empirical data shows that companies that employ a well-organized critical intelligence effort are market leaders – they win more and larger business share and are surprised less often by competitors and market events than those that don’t do so. Quite simply, critical intelligence is central to winning.

Our Critical Intelligence Practice is expert at systematically collecting both primary and secondary intelligence about your competitors’ activities, plans and intentions, where trouble lies in their strategies, and how their employees, clients and competitors feel about them. The actionable intelligence we then provide leads to competitive advantage and success in the marketplace, allowing you to anticipate what rivals may be doing to and against you in time to protect yourself and your market position.

We have conducted a wide range of bespoke CI projects for clients, leveraging our contacts and relationships in the marketplace. Our practice comprises specialists with backgrounds in financial services, management consulting, academia and research organization.

Our projects are discrete, quick (3 – 6 weeks), and focus strictly on forward-looking market and competitive information. Some of the types of strategic and competitive information we gather daily include (listed from strategic to a tactical level):

  • Changes in competitor strategies
  • New Models and organizational structures
  • Competitor key priorities and strategic initiatives
  • The success or failure of key initiatives and why
  • Technology initiatives
  • Cost reduction initiatives
  • Key senior management comings and going
  • Key producer comings and goings
  • Revenues, profits
  • Headcount
  • Productivity
  • Compensation levels