If properly structured, advisory boards can end up benefiting companies enormously, despite owners' misgivings.

Don’t ignore the advisory board

December 12, 2014 -

As startups grow, they must undergo many changes in order to continue building their strengths. For instance, as individual departments expand, middle managers will need to be appointed. In the same vein, as running the company at an executive level becomes too big of an undertaking for the founder to handle alone, he or she must engage in executive search and recruitment efforts to bring on new members of the C-suite.


Ultimately, although no investment can be a 100 percent sure bet, the health care technology industry looks to be extremely promising from a VC standpoint.

Could health care technology be venture capitalists’ next golden goose?

November 26, 2014 -

Venture capitalists have increased the attention they are paying to companies involved in the health care technology space, according to Reuters. Their primary goals are to capitalize upon the transition to electronic health records and take advantage of the rising popularity of personal health monitoring tools such as mobile applications, which can be leveraged via smartphone, tablet, wearable technology (smart watches, for instance) and other devices.


Executives are growing more confident and ambitious with regard to M&As.

Mega-mergers are back in style

November 24, 2014 -

As a result of the Great Recession, the frequency of mega-mergers plunged over the past five years amid economic instability and fears of further upheaval. Now, however, it looks like big corporations are finally done holding back – at least if the recent pace of merger and acquisition activity is anything to go by.


Cloud computing is a CIO's best friend.

CIOs should embrace, not bypass, cloud computing

November 21, 2014 -

Cloud computing has greatly influenced the corporate landscape, becoming a popular technology that delivers a broad range of benefits. CIOs may have once been hesitant to embrace the possibilities of cloud environments in the past, but they should use this opportunity to implement such services to achieve a number of advantages over aging equipment that cannot keep pace with ever-changing industry demands.



Recruiting the 1st Independent Director: A guide by lifecycle stage from start-up through IPO

November 19, 2014 -

Entrepreneurial CEOs believe what they do and the products they create will change the world. By nature, they are agile, creative and comfortable dealing with uncertainty. Their laser-like focus on how to fix a specific problem allows them to clearly see the solution. Charles Handy wrote in his book The New Alchemists, that entrepreneurs also share two key traits – dedication and doggedness. Combined, these qualities allow entrepreneurs to build businesses with huge potential. (more…)

Another "bring your own" trend is slowly coming to fruition on the back of BYOD: bring your own cloud, or BYOC.

What’s the next step in the ‘bring your own’ trend?

October 10, 2014 -

Just a few short years ago, the term "bring your own device" meant little in the corporate landscape. Since then, BYOD has skyrocketed in popularity, and the majority of firms across virtually all industries have integrated the approach into their daily operations in some capacity. What's more, projections from top research organizations suggest this momentum won't slow down anytime soon. On the contrary, BYOD is set to go from strength to strength.



The C-suite is growing, but conflict doesn’t have to

October 8, 2014 -

The C-suite is larger than it has ever been. In fact, a Harvard Business School study published last year revealed that executive recruiting is booming and CEOs have double the direct reports today than they did in the 1980s. With so many more people in the equation, is it any wonder that tension has a tendency to crop up from time to time?


Corporate culture is a critical component of boosting morale.

5 indicators your corporate culture may not be as strong as you think

October 3, 2014 -

Now more than ever, companies are understanding the value of corporate culture in everything from boosting employee morale to engaging in more successful executive search and recruitment. (more…)

What exactly should CIOs eager to partner with the best technology and service providers be looking for?

What does the immediate future hold for CIOs?

September 29, 2014 -

Seven in 10 CIOs will be shaking up their firms’ technology and sourcing relationships over the next couple of years, spurred by the desire to be as prepared as possible for a digital future that is coming ever-closer, according to a recent global survey of CIOs by Gartner’s Executive Programs.


CFOs equipped with the relevant information and analytical tools to generate meaningful insights from big data stand to benefit their companies in a variety of ways.

CFOs well-positioned to tackle big data

September 26, 2014 -

For some members of the C-suite, the concept of relying on big data can be unnerving.


Providing doctors with the ability access thorough, analyzed information is imperative to the growth of the health care industry.

What health care needs from CIOs

September 23, 2014 -

Now more than ever, health care organizations in the United States need to reduce operational costs while being able to share patient information with each other. The Affordable Care Act and the regulations set by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the latter of which calls for the implementation of electronic health records and nationwide re-focus toward value-based care, have provided the perfect opportunity for hospitals to use data analytics.


The oil and gas industry can be broken down into two operational areas: traditional and exploratory.

Wrangling energy companies’ supply chain needs

September 19, 2014 -

If you thought managing the retail supply chain was a headache, consider the tall task of transporting oil and gas.


What is a leader?

To truly bolster executive recruiting, expand the idea of leadership

September 18, 2014 -

What is a leader? A quick Google search brings up pages and pages of quotes, editorials, books and more, all attempting to answer this deceptively simple question, suggesting there’s more to it than meets the eye.


Preparing for Board Service: A Guide for Aspiring Directors

September 16, 2014 -

Thinking about joining a board?

Serving on a corporate board can provide executives with valuable perspective and insight beyond your own company. However, before embarking on a search for a board seat, it is wise to do your homework. (more…)

Public company directors should ask a number of questions when reviewing and overhauling their companies' cybersecurity strategies.

What questions should public company directors ask about cybersecurity? (Part two)

September 10, 2014 -

Cyberattacks are becoming increasingly prevalent, and this trend is only set to continue over the coming months and years. A study from Weil, Gotshal & Manges released last month noted that public directors are responsible for protecting their companies from cybersecurity-related risks.


Cyberattacks are an unfortunate reality of this day and age.

What questions should public company directors ask about cybersecurity? (Part one)

September 9, 2014 -

Cyberattacks are an unfortunate reality of this day and age, and they pose a very real threat to companies across all industries. What’s more, the problem is only getting worse. (more…)

There are nine conversational traps into which many of us fall.

As a leader, don’t fall prey to these common mistakes when communicating, part two

September 4, 2014 -

Communication skills are a core part of an executive’s arsenal, but even leaders who excel in this regard can sometimes fall victim to common conversational mistakes – and this is especially the case when tensions are high and the topic of discussion is contentious.


As a leader dont fall prey to these common communication mistakes

As a leader, don’t fall prey to these common mistakes when communicating, part one

September 3, 2014 -

The ability to communicate effectively is one of the most important leadership traits, and should be a key component of companies’ executive search and recruitment efforts. That being said, even executives who think they have achieved the perfect balance between listening and exercising the gift of the gab might feel a twinge of uncertainty when it comes to approaching difficult conversations. (more…)

Health care executives who fail to keep up with the rapid rate of cultural, legislative, regulatory and technological change risk losing their grasp on their organizations altogether.

4 tips for health care executives to triumph over adversity

August 28, 2014 -

Today’s health care climate is markedly different to 2012′s, and shifts over the next two years are likely to make the situation in 2016 seem similarly removed from the present. In such a fast-paced industry, health care executives who fail to keep up with the rapid rate of cultural, legislative, regulatory and technological change risk losing their grasp on the field altogether.


At the end of the day, good leadership is good leadership.

Leadership lessons from unlikely sources

August 27, 2014 -

When corporate leaders are asked who they look to for leadership lessons, they’ll likely answer with the names of other executives from the business world. People like Richard Branson, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates are inspirational in their own right, but renowned CEOs aren’t the only ones with leadership wisdom to share. Admiral William H. McRaven proved this with his recent commencement address at the University of Texas at Austin.


Within the health care sector, entities have hung back with regard to BYOD adoption.

Bring your own device… to a health care facility?

August 13, 2014 -

The bring your own device trend has taken the business world by storm, allowing employees to use their personal mobile devices for work. Within the health care sector, however, entities have hung back with regard to BYOD adoption.


No company is too big to fall victim to cybersecurity breaches that compromise its valuable data and result in this information getting into the hands of hackers.

The up-side of high-profile data breaches

July 29, 2014 -

Sony. Global Payment Systems. Zappos. Adobe Systems. Target. Epsilon. Neiman Marcus. Michaels Stores. Yahoo.

If there’s one thing that’s become apparent to the corporate world over the past few years, it’s that no company is too big to fall victim to cybersecurity breaches that compromise its valuable data at the hands of hackers. (more…)

The formula for innovation throughput success  is composed of four "levers."

The formula for innovation throughput success

July 23, 2014 -

For companies in the manufacturing industry, research and development is tremendously important.


As is the case with just about everything else these days, the role of the CIO has become much more fast-paced.

CIOs must buckle up for the fast pace of change

July 21, 2014 -

The role of the CIO is in flux, and executives who fail to embrace change risk stagnation and, even worse, irrelevance.


Is reshoring really going to become more prevalent in the coming years?

Is reshoring a real trend – and, if so, what’s fueling it?

July 16, 2014 -

Earlier this year, we reported on the findings of Capgemini Consulting and Penn State University's 18th annual study of the global logistics market, as outlined by FleetOwner. The study predicted the return of manufacturing to the United States in the wake of the outsourcing boom – a phenomenon known as reshoring.